Lizard Skin Vs Dynamat

Road noise in a car may be one of the most distracting, or rather irritating things about driving.

You may have already heard about sound deadening mechanisms, and are now confused about which to pick.

This article will look at lizard skin s.v dynamat and break it down for you.

Lizard Skin Vs Dynamat

Lizard Skin Vs. Dynamat

The plus side of Dynamat

Dynamat, first of all, most is a better option to go for when looking for the perfect sound deadening mechanism. Dynamat is also water based, which makes it easier in terms of application.

With Dynamat, you have a minimal amount of work to put in during the installation. You also have the option of doing it in small phases, and do not have to finish the work at once, since none of the spraying will cause damage to your car.

Dynamat is really the most preferred option for a lot of people, and has been for quite some time, thanks to its near perfect ability of lessening road noise. It is also not asphalt based, which a lot of other sound deadening mats are made of.

Cons of using Dynamat

Dynamat is costlier than its other counterparts, so despite its superior quality, a lot of people will still go for other options since they are more affordable.

Despite the fact that the amount of work it takes to apply it is minimal, it still needs extra concentration since leaving air gaps will have moisture trapped in it, and that is absolutely not good. You also need to be extra careful during the cutting process, and have the right tools.

Application on small surfaces is not too much of a hassle, but larger surfaces are a bit trickier. It is not capable of covering the car’s whole surface. You will most probably need a professional to apply it for you, and this will end up costing you more.

Advantages of using Lizard Skin.

The sound deadening abilities of the lizard skin spray are actually not bad, and many of the reviews from people who have tried it so far are good.

Application of the lizard skin spray is really not hard, you can do it by yourself and in quite a small amount of time too. No parts are left unsprayed when you use lizard skin, so you are assured of full coverage.

Using the Dynamat, as earlier mentioned, involves risking trapping of moisture causing air bubbles. You do not run this risk with Lizard Spray, since it is a spray, and not a mat.

You will not risk any injury during application since it does not involve any cutting. Even if you hire a professional to spray it on for you, you still will end up paying a cheaper cost as compared to Dynamat.

Disadvantages of using Lizard Spray.

Just like any other spraying process, things can get really messy and all over if you do not exercise caution. Lizard spray completely sticks on, so make sure you are super careful with your car paint.

Even though application seems easier as compared to Dynamat, it would still be highly recommended to get a professional to execute it for you, unless you are one and have done it before.

It may be cheaper than Dynamat, but that still does not make it super cheap. Prepare your coins.


Well, there clearly is not a world of difference between Lizard skin Vs dynamat, with the differences only being a select few. For both, it is advisable that you get a pro for the installation, plus the installation process for both of them requires attention and precision.

With Lizard Skin, however, the risks in terms of application, both to you and your car, are minimal. It is also cheaper as compared to Dynamat. But in terms of quality and effectiveness, Dynamat takes the day.

My two cents? If you have a bit of extra cash to spare, consider getting the Dynamat. It is much better quality, plus will serve you longer, and has more positive reviews. Needless to say, Lizard Skin is also a pretty decent choice.

Now, it is important to note than none of these two options will give you the type of sound proof quality that you get in movie or home theatres. Hopefully, with this information provided, you are better informed about which sound deadener to go with, lizard skin vs dynamat, and why.


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