9 Best Throat Lozenges for Singers 2020

What’s the best throat lozenges for singers? Whether you’re a beginner or an elite singer, you’ll (at one time) need the best throat lozenges for singers to fine-tune your hoarse voice. Best Throat Lozenges for Singers

The lozenges will dissolve into a liquid to generate a cooling effect to heal strained, swollen, or scratchy vocal cords – regardless if you’re singing for short or long periods of time. 

Some lozenges contain cut thew production of phlegm – which would otherwise dry-out your voice. So, is it herb-rich Ricola gummy lozenges or peppermint? Related: English horn vs Oboe

Reviews: 9 Best Throat Lozenges for Singers 2020

1. Cepacol Honey Lemon Benzocaine Sore Throat Relief Lozenges

Cepacol Honey Lemon is a fast acting lozenge for sore-throat relief and bad cough plus other adverse singing symptoms. So, Cepacol helps you get your throat back into shape ready for the stage performance.

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Cepacol Lozenges will ease the discomfort and dryness when you’re swallowing, singing or talking – it’ll also heal any apparent cold. Its time you did away with the pains, aches, runny nose and headache that might affect your stage performance.

Cepacol Lozenges is lemon-honey flavored that’ll give you an excellent amount of sore throat relaxation – for both singers and generally for anyone who’s using their voice but is experiencing some vocal challenges.

Cepacol Lozenges will clear any coughs, ease the throat pain and enable better singing. Luckily, the Lozenges come in tablets (quick-dissolving) and amazing sprays which means that you’ll get more convenient results.

Cepacol Lozenges is excellent for both kids (over 5 years) and adults. Benzocaine works on the pain receptors to ease your hurting while you’re talking or singing. Consult with your medical specialist for advice but you won’t require a doctor’s prescription.


  • Great cough relief for even night times
  • Won’t need a doctor’s prescription
  • Heals allergies, throat and mouth irritations
  • Offers instant relief to throat pain


  • Most people won’t love the artificial ingredients
  • May cause a numbing feeling

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2. Luden’s Deliciously Soothing Throat Drops (Wild Cherry)

Luden’s Lozenges are excellent cough drops that are packaged or wrapped in a great re-seal-able bag. The have a candy feeling and thus will be your great alternative to people who can’t stand menthol.

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It’s a great remedy for dingers who don’t like menthol but still want to relief their sore mouths and throats. Many singers like the taste and smell of these Luden’s Lozenges – some do actually consume them just like candy!

It contains sucrose, soybean oil, sodium chloride, sodium acetate, magic acid, flavors, coloring, corn syrup, citric acid, water, and ascorbic acid – relieves your sore and scratchy mouth and throat – you’ll love the available variety of flavors!

Luden’s Lozenges comes with an amazing flavor (wild cherry) while still soothing your sore throat. It’s an oral demulcent and Pectin lozenge. Demulcent is its main active ingredient and it’ll soothe your sore throat – all this with no negative effects caused by menthol.

However, some people complain that Luden’s Lozenges have sweeteners like corn syrup and artificial ingredients. Therefore, some singers may consider the Lozenges to be too sweet for themselves.

So, how good are ludens cough drops? Luden has demulcent – pectin that’ll coat the mucous membranes that’re otherwise irritated and hence return you to the mood and form for perfect stage performance.


  • Excellent cough drops for singers
  • Has a variety of flavors like watermelon, berry, and peach
  • Will quickly soothe your dry sore throats
  • Lacks the irritating menthol


  • None

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3. Sucrets Lozenges for Pain and Sore Throat Relief (Wild Cherry)

Sucrets Lozenges will kill the sore throat that has even lasted for weeks – wild cherry flavor. They’ll numb your throat excellently while healing the disturbing cough.

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Sucrets contain dyclonine which is an oral anesthetic to suppress the cough while decreasing sore throat and nasal passages pain. The zinc and vitamin C additions will also boost the singer’s immune system.

Sucrets lozenges are known to equally help with the singer’s dry mouth while also relieving tough coughs and sore throat. Luckily, Sucrets won’t offer a temporary relief like other lozenges available in the market.

Sucrets has a vapor cherry flavor that’ll give any singer a great and cooling effect – this thus will work well on your dry coughs and irritating throat tissues. Further, to quickly enhance your stage performance, Sucrets works instantly on your sore throat.

Granted, you might experience a dry cough or sore throat while you’re traveling to the music studio or the performance stage. SO, just take a pack of Sucrets lozenges with you and it’ll help you ease the burning sensation in your throat.

Equally critical to note is that you’ll need to talk to a medial professional if you’re to give these Sucrets lozenges to kid under 3 years. However, Sucrets don’t require a medical prescription for adults, either singers or everyone else.

Sucrets has a great taste and sweet flavor that’ll will complement its working fast on your inflamed sore-throat tissues. This comes from the cherries and honey ingredients that’re included in the Sucrets lozenges.


  • Will readily calm your irritating cough
  • Contains zinc and vitamin C for boosting the singer’s immune system.
  • Will cool down your nasal passages
  • Offers fast and excellent sore throat and nasal passages pain relief
  • Has a great wild cherry flavor


  • Offers only temporary pain relief

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5. HALLS Sugar-Free lozenges – Honey Lemon Flavored

HALLS Sugar-Free lozenges work like cough suppressant and comes in various, mountain menthol, citrus blend, and black cherry. Great for sore throats, coughs, and allergies.

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The main active ingredient in these HALLS lozenges in 5.8 mg menthol in every drop while Water, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Isomalt, Lidocaine, Aspartame plus Acesulfame Potassium are the Inactive Ingredients.

The HALLS lozenges offers vitamin C in addition to giving the singer an excellent cooling effect for your sore throat. It’ll relief any irritation in air and sound passage – which is an excellent lozenge for a great nasal area.

The HALLS lozenges will an addition suppress your cough while also nourishing the singer’s mouth. It has a sweet taste – with a honey flavor. For the dusty time and harvest seasons, these HALLS lozenges are great against allergies.


  • Excellent against allergies
  • Has a great honey taste
  • Will relief your dry mouth – nourishing the singer’s mouth.
  • Offers vitamin C


  • None

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