Best Pop Filter for Blue Yeti 2018 at Music Studio

Getting the right pop filter to pair with your blue yeti microphones is, among beginning players and even seasoned professionals, easier said than done.

Maybe you already know that close miking has many setbacks, including damaging your mic filters. To protect your blue yeti microphones from popping sounds, the pop filters I recommend are WindTech PopGard 2000 and Auphonix 6-inch.

Rundown: Best Pop Filter for Blue Yeti

ProductFeature Rating
WindTech PopGard 2000 Pop FilterBlue Yeti Check Price on Amazon5
Auphonix 6-inch pop filter for Blue YetiBlue Yeti Check Price on Amazon5
Dragonpad Pop Filter Blue YetiBlue Yeti Check Price on Amazon4.98
Foam Windscreen for the Blue Yeti Blue Yeti Check Price on Amazon4.96
As a sound technician, maybe you’ve come across singers you’d describe as “spitters”. This is a real challenge when it comes to using the Blue Yeti microphone due to the moisture created by spittle from the singer’s mouth. Notably, the spittle moisture could accumulate on the microphone’s diaphragm and could also shorten the condenser capsules – while still using some noise canceling headphones.

Are pop filters necessary?

Reviews: Best Pop Filter for Blue Yeti

Pop filters are the noise protection filter to safeguard your microphone from the various popping sounds. Popping sounds may be generated if you are producing letters like “k”; “t”; or “p”, actions which come hitting the microphone. Pop filters that are not designed to mount the little desk that comes with your Blue Snowball or Blue Yeti.

1. WindTech PopGard 2000 Pop Filter

Windtech Popgard Pop Filter 2000 is moderately light and is designed wholly from metal. Interestingly, the pop filter will wrap around your microphone using its elastic bands.

Best Pop Filter for Blue Yeti

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Therefore, it’ll be easy to put it up and will fit into large microphones and even the Blue Yeti. PopGard is great with the side-address mics and will reduce wind blasts and plosives, which will assist generate superior sounds for longer.

If your recording station has moisture of accidently gets wet, you’ll be lucky to have the WindTech PopGard 2000 since it is hydrophobic. Therefore, the PopGard 2000 will always be acoustically transparent but stop moisture from getting to the mic element.

You’ll get safeguard against different plosive sounds for the side-address microphones for broadcast and studio. PopGard 2000 is designed from black nylon and not metal. However, the pop and wind filter section is designed using a metal screen that is a fine mesh.

Its mesh is highly fine that you’ll think it’s a transparent silk but more stronger and tougher. And, if you’re using the condenser microphones, you’ll love that this pop filter is hydrophobic, which will reduce sonic issues.

The PopGard 2000 pop filter is easy to clean since by simply removing it from the microphone and wiping it quickly using a soft cloth that is wetted using Lysol spray. Even when you’re dealing with heavy “spitters”, the PopGard 2000 pop filter’s hydrophobic feature will ensure the mic remains dry and thus keep off dust and spit particles.

2. Auphonix 6-inch pop filter for Blue Yeti

The Auphonix 6 inches pop filter will be great is preventing the sound plosives and it’s large enough to fit the microphone capsules of your Blue Yeti.

Auphonix 6-inch pop filter for Blue Yeti

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You can now readily filter various pop sounds from the available screen captures, voiceovers and podcasts.

It has a simple clamp that will allow the Pop Filter to easily and safely fit your microphone without requiring drilling of any holes.

It also has a double-mesh screen that’ll prevent “p-pops” and harsh air from entering.

3. Dragonpad Pop Filter Blue Yeti


4. Foam Windscreen for the Blue Yeti


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