Best Mac for Music Production 2018 Reviews (Guide)

Choosing a Mac Laptop (options being from Mac mini to Pro) for music production is no easy task. But why do I love Macs in my music production? Well, Macs offer tighter integration between the hardware and OS. This is because Apple has control over the entire hardware and software design. Therefore, API’s or underlying sub-systems such as CoreAudio become more responsive and robust in Macs.

To handle software and be robust for studio work (e.g. Apple Logic Pro X), I apprise either the Apple MNED2LL iMac or iMac Pro as the best mac for music production. With OS X’s features (like Spotlight and Dashboard) and hardware robustness, the Macs are studio-worthy. 

Review: Best Mac for Music Production 2018

As a music producer or even a DJ, you’ll need best cheap headphones in addition to great Macs for music production. Your mac must have plenty of RAM, great processors, hard-drives, and top SSDs – to allow the Mac to proficiently manage large sized file and multiple music tracks.


1. Apple 15″ MacBook Pro: Best Studio Mac for musicians 

Apple 15″ MacBook Pro has adequate power to handle all the music production plugins and different tracks. Despite being a lit bit pricey, the Apple 15″ MacBook Pro will comfortably run sessions with many plugins and tracks running actively – mainly because it has superior 16GB RAM and processing power (quad-core Intel Core i7). Therefore, you’ll do away with worrying about the computer freezing when you’re recoding the music.

Best Mac for Music Production

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2. 2018 MacBook Pro: Best portable Mac for musicians


3. 13-inch Macbook Air (2015)


3. iMac Pro –


4. Mac mini: Best Budget Mac for musicians


5. Mac Pro: Best Premium Price Mac for musicians


Mac or PC for music production

What’s so unique about Macs in music production. Well, besides the robust hardware and he well to familiar system there is more. The unique point is on the powerful Mac-only software such as GarageBand and Logic Pro X that are excellent for music recording.

You ultimate decision between PC or Mac for music production will significantly depend on your collaboration circle and personal preference. Further, if you want to use a specific music production program and it’s only available on either PC or Mac, then this could be your largest deciding factor.

Mac’s Storage and RAM for music production

You don’t want RAM bottleneck, particularly with the heavy music making software in your pro-level projects. A limited RAM capacity on your Mac will mean that your operations will be affected.

You’ll have less time completing thins live and excessive time rendering. Therefore, since most Macs do not allow post-production RAM upgrade, you’ll need to acquire a laptop with minimum 16GB RAM.

Well, now we check Mac storage. The debate has been large capacity HDD or an SSD. SSDs have notably low speed in comparison to Hard drives (HDDs) and produce some higher noise levels.

On the downside, SSDs have higher price tags and tend to start out at lower capacity compared to HDDs. Regular Apple notebooks will come with an SSD of 128GB. However, the professional instrument & effects need 100s of GBs for storage.

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