7 Best Earplugs for Concerts 2019 Reviewed

In this post, I’ve reviewed the best earplugs for concerts. Best Earplugs for Concerts It’s no secret that regular noise-reduction Earplugs will degrade music/ sound quality in concerts

But high-fidelity earplugs will block excessive noise while allowing music with fit tonal quality to get to your ear. 

Summary: I recommend either the Earasers Hi-Fi plugsor EarPeace HD as your best earplugs for concerts & live shows. 

Reviews: Top 7 Best Earplugs For Concerts 

The 2 models (noise-canceling headphones or concert cameras) are great for high-level sound, nightclub, musical instrument (amps), or band songs.

1. Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts – Our Top Pick

This Eargasm High-Fidelity takes the top spot for the best earplugs for concerts. You no longer have to sacrifice getting great sound as you use low-quality earbuds for ear protection – just get the Eargasm high-fidelity earplugs.

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Volume Adjustment – 21 decibels

It’ll allow you to turn down the volume of various ambient sounds – to safe and comfortable levels. Interestingly, it’ll do nose-reduction to highs even of 21 decibels.

Despite not having distinguishable filters, these earplugs will produce amazing sounds and music from either a live performance or band.

Explicit Blocking compared to Filtering

As noted above, great earplugs must be more compared to ordinary foam earplugs or an earmuff (that block noises and sounds only through mechanical means) – which fits these Eargasms earplugs are not.

Eargasms earplugs will filter noise and allow only the appropriate sound to reach your ear canal. For band members and other musicians, the noise filtering features (as opposed to just mechanical sound blocking) can promote good performances.

2. Earasers Hi-Fi Musicians Plugs Medium – Runner-up 

Attention concerts goers, musician, or people in areas with loud music – forget your regular earplugs that tend to muffle sound and won’t plug into your ear.

It’s time for serious audio-engineering – get the Earasers Hi-Fi earplugs to deliver adequate mid-range but prevent shrill noises.

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I love that after inserting, the earplugs are generally discreet. With the “V filter” attenuation, the earplug will provide flat frequency response – about 5dB EPA protection.

It has a Smart Seal and soft silicone design that will take the sharpie of the ear canal to give your comfortable listening experience even in concerts and live shows.

Earasers Hi-Fi earplug will simply attenuate the sound, using Smart Seal, at the lower level and hence it remains clear with no distortion or muffling.

Its acoustic filter uniformly reduces the noise levels over the sound spectrum (at last the audible range). Further, they are easy to fit and will give you top comfort. 

3. Earplugs Noise Reduction Filtered Hearing Protection For Concerts

Next up is the EAR Defense High Fidelity Earplugs that come with a solid aluminum design great for traveling musicians. I love its compact and light design that makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

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Great filtering and Comfortable for concerts

Compared to Foam earPlugs, these EAR Defense Earplugs do not produce muffled sound; they are comfortable and provide excellent sound filtering.  Designed for universal fit, these earplugs will fit most concert, live music or festival goers.

2 earplug pairs 

The new pack comes with 2 earplug pairs to assist in filtering the loud and excessive or harmful sounds and noise in any concert.

The earplug will leave the great sounds from adoring voices, backup (or lead) singers or band members that any musician will love to hear.  One of the pairs offers a noise reduction of about 27 dB – a great range & variation, while the other pair will allow a 23 dB noise reduction.

4. EarPeace HD Concert High-Fidelity Ear Plugs 

When you’re going for your concerts, earplugs offer you protection against the deafening sounds and noises that could cause hearing loss.

Notably, you’ll be exposed to about 100 – 120-dB of sound in the live music concerts – sound levels that might cause instant hearing loss. Therefore, it’s wise to earplugs for health reasons.

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Flanged Earplugs

These flanged earplugs (high-fidelity earplug) come with rims or lips in its cone shape to help build a strong sound seal in your ears canal.

However, these earplugs tend to be uncomfortable to wear for extended time. Otherwise, if you insert them well to your ear, you can achieve an excellent sound seal.

Foam Earplugs 

This type of earplug is budget-friendly and is tend to fit ears universally.

Compared to the flange type, you’ll need to compress and insert these foam type earplugs to your ear canal to achieve top-level decibel reduction. But, you might find them less effective, comfortable or poorly fitting compared to the custom or flange earplugs.

Custom Earplugs 

These types of earplugs (classified as either high-fidelity or solid silicone) are custom designed to offer a great fit as they’re contoured towards the inner ear.

High-fidelity earplugs utilize attenuating filters to produce clear and safe sound.


I am a 36-year-old trained audio engineer, music producer, and Guitar player; passionate about all things music.I can track bass, guitars, keyboards, and drums and can also program drums. I mix and master with high-end plugins such as Waves, Audiority, Blue Cat, HOFA, etc

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