7 Best Earbuds Under $50 2020 Reviewed

In this post, I’ve reviewed the best earbuds under $50. Maybe you need in-ear headphones to fight the solitude at home, work, subway, or gym.

Best Earbuds Under $50 Features to look out for? Probably noise-canceling, great audio signature, durable build, comfortable fit, waterproof, in-built microphones, high-powered Audio. 

Summary: I recommend either the SoundMAGIC E10. If you’re in the music-making (or make your calls while on the go), live recording, or Dj mixing headphones

If you’re a sound engineer or music producer, check the Best Headphones for Music Production

Reviews: Top 7 Best Earbuds Under $50 2020

1. SoundMAGIC E10 Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones  – Our Top Pick 

This SoundMAGIC E10 is a great addition to your collection or even take as a birthday (or maybe Christmas) gift as the best earbuds under $50. Interestingly, they have an audiophile quality sound and feel equally premium. Further, the earbuds will give you a neutral sound signature – and guess what all for cheap! 

Best Earbuds Under $50 Check Price On Amazon

For runners, you’ll need the sweat-proof option for your runs. So, for small ears, go for an earbud that feels snug on the ear and one that’s having soft silicone tips to fit your size. I noted that the medium-size (silicone-rubber) tips are a great fit for most people. But the double flanged tips offered adequate seal. 

It’s designed from durable metal and textured cable but you could find them to be slightly heavier compared to the plastic earbuds. Luckily, with the tangle-resistant, you’ll not have problems with line interweaving. 

Further, the SoundMagic E10 provides enough bass response and noise isolation. Further, it allows an agile and neutral response, which guarantees that you’ll not disturb people near you such as travelers.

It has some extended bass and the tremble – with an active bass that easily handles complex music track mix. However, note that these earbuds are not the Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200

2. JBL Live 100 In-Ear Headphones with In-Line – Runner-Up

Next, on the list of the best earbuds under $50 is this JBL Live 100. The JBL Live 100 aluminum earbuds has the natural sound quality, an excellent build quality (fabric cable – tangle-free ), comfortable fit, and the one-button mic or remote – all for under $50. 

JBL Live 100 In-Ear Headphones with In-Line Microphone and Remote Check Price On Amazon

JBL Live 100’s natural sound is adequately balanced between treble and mid-range sound (balancing low & high notes) to create some treble sound effect. While you have 3 varied silicone tips, they all have 8 mm drivers to give you enhanced and deep bass. 

With the one-button mic or remote, you readily access the voice assistant, phone calls and control your music – and hence you can go totally hands-free. Finally, the earbud comes with flat cables that do not experience tangling. With its deep bass, this earbud will be great for listening to hip-hop, rock and pop music.

I also loved its lightweight design and the overall aluminum housing – which is aesthetically amazing.  I noted that the earbuds fat low end made the rock music choruses to be highly meaty and lush. However, this JBL Live 100 lack volume control but for its price range, I love it. 


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