9 Best Camera for Youtube 2019 Reviewed

Most of your Youtube content will be like talking-head videos (in your office or bedroom ).

So, you just need a camera where you’ll simply set up, turn it on, tap your face, and record quality videos (like with drone photography cameras). I’ve reviewed the best camera for youtube, considering features and price.

Reviews: Best Camera for Youtube 2019

1. Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR WiFi Enabled

What stands out for me right now is the Canon SL2. The reason is that it is a very small DSLR. For example, compared to the Canon 7DD, you’ll notice that Canon SL2 model has cut some considerable weight and size. Equally, it carries with it the flip screen (for selfies as noted above) and still has the same sensor as the Canon 80D. Therefore, the Canon SL2 will give you the same quality of YouTube videos like the premium cameras.

Best Camera for Youtube Videos
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The Dual-Pixel autofocus has no match in the autofocus systems today. These best camera for filming also have flip screens for selfies, microphone inputs (for better audio) and are super easy to use. Also, check the concert or lives show’s cameras here

It has an even faster processor and a mic input. Further, the time lapse modes are inbuilt into this amazing camera. Despite that I would recommend the RX100 or the G7 X for your vlogging tasks, the Canon SL2 is also great for vlogging. This is because it’s lighter compared to other Canon DSLRs and it has a flip screen.

Therefore, I consider this consider this camera as feature-rich, light and easy to use. As a YouTuber, you’ll need something that works, is easy to use and will always keep you on focus – which the Dual Pixel autofocus does best.

One more thing I envy with this Canon SL2 Camera, and some of the newer ones such as 7DD and T7i, is they’ve incorporated the beginner mode. This is kind of great to me because for any advanced vlogger they’ll just switch of the beginner mode. However, for someone just getting into creating videos, the beginner mode will help you kick-start without creating excessive challenges.

On the downside, the Canon cameras (best video camera for youtube) will process only the 1080p footage because they don’t have an in-built 4K

2. Canon M50 – Mic Input, Flip Screen, Inter-changeable lenses, 4K Video

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2. PANASONIC G7 4K Mirrorless – Budget 4K Camera for YouTube 

Panasonic G7 is great if you just need to create 4K YouTube videos – but on a small budget camera. Arguably, Panasonic G7 is very popular among vloggers due to its many great features. For example, it has a flip screen, which many vloggers love for the selfie mode.

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Definitely, it has the 4K video resolution and interchangeable lenses. With its included a mic input, you can easily get pro audio. However, one major shortcoming compared to our best camera for filming (the Canon SL2) is that the Panasonic G7 has bad autofocus in the video mode.

So remember that you’ll have to be extra careful with this video autofocus limitation. For example, you might shoot a whole video and at the end, you realize that you were out of focus while the background was actually in focus. Further, it could also be face-tracking when all is not on focus.

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However, this downside won’t affect you if you’ll be shooting for video production and not the solo shooter type of YouTube content generator.

The runaround this video autofocus issue, however, is you can get all in focus after which you’ll change to manual mode and thus the camera won’t be searching for focus.

Next came the Panasonic G85, which I would thus consider the best budget 4K camera. It has pro-features such as in-body image stabilization (but this is not new to Sony Cameras but a little bit expensive).

3. Sony a6500 – Best Video Camera for 4K YouTube Content 

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4. Canon EOS REBEL T7i Body

I started off my YouTube video recording with a T3i. However, I must state that the T3i fell short of my expectation as it lacked autofocus.

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Enter REBEL T7i (knows as 800D in the Australia and UK) – the amazing average priced DSLR.

REBEL T7i is built with the 24MP sensor employing the Dual Pixel AF, which is a signature system by canon. Therefore, you’ll easily get better autofocus in your vlogging and live view production.

If you’ll be moving around in your video production, then REBEL T7i is favorable compared to the Sony a7R I above since its lightweight. Therefore, you may simply hook the REBEL T7i on your flexible tripod and continue shooting.

It allows shooting of highs of ISO 3200. Further, REBEL T7i has a hot shoe at its top and hence it’ll be simple to fix a shotgun microphone. For raw shooting, it’ll be easy to pull out many details from the underexposed areas.

Next came the Panasonic G85, which I would thus consider the best budget 4K camera. It has pro-features such as in-body image stabilization (but this is not new to Sony Cameras but a little bit expensive).

5. Sony a7R II – Professional

Sony a7R II, topping the list of Best Camera for Youtube, is a high-end mirrorless camera that takes the top spot for the best YouTube cameras for 2018. 

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With the capacity to record in low light, conditions no other camera does, Sony a7R II has its own league and price too. Sony a7R II is pronounced “Sony Alpha 7S Mark II”.

The a7R II’s sensor is acclaimed to be a futuristic low-light operations device. I consider it as the ultimate mirrorless camera designed for low-light coming with a full frame and producing top quality videos for high ISOs. Further, the BSI CMOS sensor takes the gapless on-chip lens build which aids light collection and at the same time enriching scene detail.

The sensor is larger (and lightweight) and has improved Bokeh effect to record seamlessly in extremely dark conditions. With its internal copper wiring, the a7R will give you high-speed high-resolution stills. Further, the sensor will significantly reduce noise in your videos. Therefore, it’ll be easy to record videos to a high of ISO 102,400.

Its body is a full magnesium alloy designed that is fully covered to prevent entry of moisture and dust. Further, this best camera for filming comes has ten buttons that you can customize to your designed functions.

The Exmor CMOS sensor (12.2 MP full-frames) will double the sensor’s light sensitivity and employ A/D conversion in cutting noise. It comes with a 25-point AF system; Sony’s advanced BIONZ X image processor, a 3.0″ LCD screen (tilting), and a full HD for XAVC S recording. If the camera terms seem too complicated, view the video demo.

How to Choose the Youtube Cameras

First, decide whether you need a camcorder, mirrorless cameras, point and shoot camera, or a Digital Single Lens (DSLR) camera. Also, you should consider stabilization, ease of use, battery life, mic port, lens, resolution, flip screen feature, and cost.

Be it a webcam, camcorders or digital video cameras, there would better proof than checking what camera that top YouTubers and vloggers recommend.

1. High Definition (HD) Quality

Creating HD videos that are informational and easily understandable will attract more viewers, subscribers, and money to your YouTube channel. HD videos have no blur and come with flexible box models, their primary and optimized audios, suitable screen and layout, and an appropriate video extension.

HD cameras will enable you to capture even the “least information detail” in each shooting scene. For instance, beauty, photography and wildlife YouTube gurus would want to easily capture the most details in their scenes to showcase their knowledge, skills, or training information.

Therefore, choose an HD camera that has autofocus, can capture different dimensions and can easily zoom to capture scenes in far distances with enough details to satisfy your YouTube viewers.

2. Video Convertibility

Lack of video output convertibility is one of the major mistakes that vloggers on YouTube make. It’s important to ensure that the video camera you choose has a flexible output format. Don’t wait to be surprised that the video you worked so hard to produce has a format that you can’t upload to YouTube.

The flexible box model is the next critical aspect that must be considered. This denotes the ability of your created videos to adjust automatically to the various channels where the YouTube video will be viewed. Case in point is that your videos must be readily adjustable to the desktop computer and mobile gadgets with deferent screen sizes and screen resolutions such as Notebooks, Android, and iPad.

3. Smaller Disk Size for HD videos

Can your chosen video camera produce an HD video for YouTube that can be viewed even when your subscribers have limited disk size?

As you already know, YouTube’s click pattern is a critical factor that will affect your statistics, leads and earning. Therefore, ensure that the HD videos you produce will load fast with limited disk space.


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