9 Best Acoustic Guitars for Country Music 2020

If you’re a country music enthusiast, then choosing the best acoustic guitars for country music live performance would be a crucial step. However, this may not be that easy as per see. Best Acoustic Guitars for Country Music

Consider these specific features; tonewoods, body styles, strength, string quality, pick up options, connection ability with other electronics, and cutaway design. 

Check the cost implications associated with the particular guitar of your choice. In this article, we shall be reviewing the acoustic guitars for country music in depth. So, let’s get started. Read Also: Acoustic Guitar Under 1000

Reviews: 9 Best Acoustic Guitars for Country Music in 2020

1. Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

The Seagull S6 is our best acoustic guitar for country music, which features a high-quality solid cedar top that is impressively reinforced with classic wild cherry back and side. 

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The rosewood fingerboard comes with perfectly fixed tuners, which perfectly tighten strings (extra-hardened) to achieve the intended pitch without much hassle. 

This acoustic guitar comes with an incredible Silverleaf maple neck that resists breakage upon fall and adjustable saddle/bridge.  Indeed, you will enjoy deep bass and quality melody (when strumming) that is nicely amplified by the soundboard without sacrificing bass resonance.

Seagull original claims a long market legacy – it comes with fierce pressure tested headstock and precise fret markers for more natural tone selection. Also, this acoustic guitar is impressively designed to improve your confidence/esteem during live performance (comes with a variety of beautiful colors).

The American manufactured guitar is nicely laminated with a semi-gloss lacquer finish that is waterproof and scratch-resistant.


  • High-quality sound resonance and tough strings
  • Classic body design and beautiful colors
  • Rosewood fingerboard and flexible tuners
  • Solid cedar top and wild cherry side & back
  • Tested headstock and precise fret markers
  • Waterproof and scratch-resistant semi-gloss finish
  • Budget-friendly and lightweight


  • Require pre-tuning
  • Unsuitable for kids

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2. Martin Standard Series D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Martin Standard D-28 is a classic acoustic guitar that features an amazing dreadnought body style, which is impressively designed to boost your confidence during live performance. The guitar is specially manufactured using Solid Sitka Spruce top (durable) that gives it a beautiful appearance.

Martin Standard Series D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar View Price on Amazon

Actually, this product is reinforced with tough Indian rosewood back and side to prevent scratch and dent while the classic fine-grain finish gives you a tender feel when strumming. Moreover, Martin Standard d-28 is lightweight and features extra-hardened strings that won’t slack easily with use.

The striped Ebony fretboard is smartly designed and firmly molded to improve its durability. Further, the vinyl laminated body and toughened neck come with impressive graphics and highly flexible tuners. Moreover, Martin D-28 is fitted with a sharp pick-up board and a large soundbox that nicely amplifies sound waves without affecting its bass resonance.

Importantly, this acoustic guitar is highly portable and low to maintain.


  • Dreadnought body style and self-hardened strings
  • Ebony fingerboard and solid top
  • Classic pick-up board and tough nut tuners
  • Impressive graphics and beautiful colors
  • Rich sound volume and high quality resonance


  • Slightly expensive
  • Needs initial tuning
  • No casing

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3. Blueridge BR-140 Acoustic Guitar

Blueridge is an ultra-fine acoustic guitar for country music that features tough solid mahogany (sides and back), which gives you a long service life. The Product is nicely fitted with a beautiful solid Sitka Spruce back, which gives it a natural brilliant articulation.

Blueridge BR-140 Acoustic Guitar View Price on Amazon

Actually, this guitar entails an impressive Blueridge logo and tough padded casing in a dreadnought design that guarantees you a 100% humid protection. In addition, Blueridge is fitted with an adjustable saddle and tough cross-bridge, which are easier to set when aligning the strings.

Moreover, this acoustic guitar comes with perfectly lined strings, which are extra-hardened to prevent slacking when strumming. The Santos rosewood fingerboard is finely smoothened with its fret markers imprinted appropriately while the tough nut tuners are highly flexible to allow easier string tuning.

Blueridge comes with a large soundbox that nicely amplifies the sound without causing any crisps. Further, the tough pick-up board is perfectly reinforced with the vintage high gloss finish (waterproof and scratch-resistant) to improve its service life.

Importantly, Blueridge is budget friendly and lightweight.


  • Tough solid mahogany sides and back
  • Beautiful Solid Sitka Spruce top – comes with scalloped braces
  • Smooth Santos rosewood fretboard and classic fret markers
  • Tough casing – padded with Blue ridge logo
  • Perfect finish – waterproof and scratch resistant
  • Tough pick-up board and adjustable saddle
  • Impressive graphics and large sound box
  • Vintage tone high gloss and slim mahogany neck
  • Budget friendly and lightweight


  • Needs initial tuning
  • Unsuitable for kids

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4. Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S34C NEX is a top-quality acoustic guitar that is built using the tough spruce top and fine grain Sapele sides to improve its service life. This guitar comes in a classic dreadnought body style with a flat curvy back, which settles nicely on your body shape when strumming.

Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar View Price on Amazon

Actually, Jasmine features an impressive, fine polished fingerboard that is perfectly fitted with beautiful fret markers for note identification. In addition, the guitar’s body is nicely laminated with natural gloss, which is both waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Further, Jasmine comes with advanced X bracing and adjustable bridge/saddle that perfectly aligns the strings in place. The high-quality synthetic bone nuts are strongly fixed and flexible enough for easier string tuning.

You will definitely achieve great bass sound and melodious playback since the guitar is specially designed with a large soundbox that integrates the satin layer to maximize sound resonance.

Its exceptional cutaway allows easier access to lower frets without much strain. In fact, Jasmine comes with a strong and unique strap button that balances the guitar nicely when strumming.

Importantly, Jasmine is budget friendly and cheaper to maintain. You can personally replace strings and faulty tuners without engaging a professional.


  • Impressive curvy spruce top and beautiful natural color
  • Advance X bracing and adjustable bridge/saddle
  • Strong strap button and flexible nut tuners
  • Satin gloss finishing – waterproof & scratch resistant
  • Tough fine grain fretboard and impressive graphics
  • High quality sound and deep resonance
  • Affordable and low maintenance cost


  • Requires initial tuning
  • Don’t come with bag/casing

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5. Epiphone EJ-200SCE Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone EJ a historical jumbo acoustic guitar for country music that is specially manufactured with extra-large size sound box to improve is sound resonance without sacrificing the quality or causing unnecessary internal interference.

Epiphone EJ-200SCE Acoustic Guitar View Price on Amazon

This product is has a long market legacy (since 1960) that is attributed to its high-quality sound generated (tough strings) and classic sound pickups.

Epiphone comes with a natural vintage sunburn color, which nicely fades outward, thus improving its overall beauty. The shadow eSonic-II Stereo Pickup System (adjustable) is beautifully aligned with soundhole and flexible bone tuners for easier string tuning.

Moreover, Epiphone features a tough fretboard (don’t break easily upon falling) and beautiful solid spruce top that is correctly sealed with scratch-resistant glass. Also, this guitar comes with ultra-slim taper D-shape neck and Grover Rotomatic machine head, which not only makes it attractive but also improves handling when strumming.

Importantly, Epiphone comes with impressive graphics and classic cutway design.


  • Impressive graphics and classic cutway design
  • Solid Spruce top and scratch resistant gloss finish
  • Beautiful vintage sunburn color – natural
  • Ultra-slim taper D-shape neck and Light weight
  • Grover Rotomatic machine head and flexible tuners
  • Adjustable shadow eSonic-II Stereo Pickup System
  • Large sound box and strong fine grain fretboard


  • No casing/bags
  • Unsuitable for kids
  • Initial tuning needed

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6. Gretsch Guitars G5034TFT Rancher Acoustic Guitar

Gretsch Guitars G5034TFT is a classic acoustic guitar that claims to deliver high-quality sound performance by use of D-class technology, which comes integrated in its tough string assembly.

Gretsch Guitars G5034TFT Rancher Acoustic Guitar View Price on Amazon

The arched laminated maple top is impressively finished with waterproof and scratch resistance gloss that not only makes it more beautiful but also boosts your confidence when playing among similar guitars.

Gretsch features an ultra-modern Neo-Classic “Thumbnail” Fretboard that nicely integrates 12 high-grade inlays for sound tone control when strumming. The 2-piece mahogany head is strongly fitted with highly flexible deluxe nut tuners. The tight strings come aligned with instant action electronic sound pick-ups, which is strategically positioned next to the soundhole for effective sound capture.

Moreover, Gretsch comes with an adjustable “rocking bar” bridge and six self-hardened strings that claim to produce top-quality sound without slacking when strumming. Indeed, the average size soundbox is specially designed with an internal angular orientation that improves sound amplification without sacrificing bass resonance.

Actually, this guitar has a dreadnought body style, which comes with a beautiful savannah sunburn color and impressive margin liners. Importantly, Gretsch is budget friendly and durable.


  • High quality sound and D-class sound tech tuners
  • Impressive graphics and beautiful savannah sunburn colors
  • Strong strap button and Neo-Classic “Thumbnail”Fretboard
  • Classic electronic sound pick-up and deluxe nut tuners
  • Adjustable “rocking bar” bridge and 6 self-hardened strings
  • Dreadnought body style and arched laminated maple top


  • May be slightly heavy as compared to Yamaha
  • Needs initial tuning and user training
  • Not for kids

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7. Yamaha FG820 12-String Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG820 is a world-leading 12-string acoustic guitar that features a classic sturdy design, which not only looks attractive but will also boost your confidence during live performance. The tough solid Sitka spruce top is perfectly sealed and laminated with a waterproof and scratch-resistant material.

Yamaha FG820 12-String Solid Top Acoustic Guitar View Price on Amazon

Actually, this guitar is manufactured with natural solid mahogany (back and sides), which curls nicely and further improves its life span. Moreover, the flexible diecast tuners are strongly fixed and align nicely with adjustable sound pick-ups.

Yamaha guarantees you high-quality sound that is effectively amplified by the large soundbox. The pick-up board is extra-toughened with scalloped bracing and soft liner that soothe your body’s skin nicely when strumming. In addition, Yamaha features an impressively designed cutaway that easily allows access to lower frets without straining.

The self-hardened rosewood fingerboard is smoothly polishing and refined with a natural color, which gives it an awesome look. Further, this guitar has a narrow neck (for easier handling) and high-quality strings that won’t slack easily.

Notably, Yamaha is budget friendly and durable.


  • Low maintenance cost and beautiful design
  • Durable and strong rosewood fretboard
  • Large sound box and high quality 12 strings
  • Narrow neck and diecast nut tuners
  • Solid Sitka top and adjustable sound pick-ups
  • Curvy cutway and impressive graphics
  • Budget friendly and lightweight
  • Deep sound resonances and variety of colors


  • Unsuitable for kids
  • Don’t come with casing
  • Initial tuning needed


To enjoy high-quality sound during live performance, you must choose the best acoustic guitars for country music. Importantly, select a product that won’t weigh you down financial.

Though this may not be easy as per se, checking on properties such as the number of strings, size of the guitar, sound pick-up options, design, fingerboard quality, type of tuners as well as the quality of string may be a great move towards getting the best guitar.


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