Want to create your home recording studio today? Get some ototo synthesizers, keyboard, plants, or different fruits and vegetables. You can use also an aluminium foil. 


You’ll need to use alligator clips to connect plants and fruits, Finally, all you’ll touch (fruits or vegetables) would  results into musical sound.  


…you can create expert electronic music instruments in a simple way for your home recording studio.” – Wired 

Some of My Music Production Gear:

Headphones, Studio Monitors (nearfield monitors), Pop Filter, Mic Stand, Ear Training Software, Cables, a Computer (Macbook Pro), Microphones, DAW (Digital Audio Workstationor Audio Interface Combo,

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Camera help you document your days and events. We’ve reviewed the best there is for Vlogging, YouTube video and music production among quality camears

The tiny board computers will be a great tool for your music project. We review the Raspberry Pi 3 and its accessories such as SD cards. Check the top Raspberry Pi 3


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